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Carpet FAQ's

Are rating systems comparable? Can they insure that I get the right carpet?

Manufacturers develop their own Rating Systems based on different testing methods, standards and criteria. Since there is no standardization, and most systems are based on individual opinions, it’s not advisable to cross-reference manufacturers rating systems.

Can products be compared by weight or other technical specifications?

Technical specifications of a product are helpful. It is important to realize that many other factors affect the comparison. If two carpets are manufactured with the same specifications, for example, but made with different fibers, they could look, feel, and perform completely different.

If the backing of carpet shows when I bend it, does that indicate low quality?

No. With the exception of woven carpets, all carpets are made with spaces between the fiber ends. Carpets are made to lie flat on the floor. The best way to compare the thickness or density of different carpets is to place your fingers in the pile, on a flat surface. Thicker, denser fiber or yarn carpets generally perform better.

What is twist?

Twist is a measurement of the number of turns manufactured into a specified length of carpet fiber or yarn. The reason the vast majority of carpets have twisted yarns is because twisting adds to the performance of a carpet. More tightly twisted yarns generally have more resilience than those that are less tight.

What is density?

The number of ends (tufts) per square yard of carpet determines the density. The greater the number of tufts, the greater the density. Density can be increased by more closely placing fibers together or more tightly packing the fibers into the backing.

Can I save money by selecting unbranded yarn as opposed to a branded yarn, getting the same product for less?

Not necessarily, and often not. Similar products with unbranded yarns may cost less, but you may not get quality performance from unbranded yarns. Branded fiber yarns, like branded carpets and treatments, are manufactured to quality standards set by the individual company. Branded fibers usually meet a higher standard and come with extended warranties backed by the fiber company and the carpet manufacturer.

Can I spend less on the carpet and more for a better cushion to save money?

While a good cushion is essential to providing optimum carpet performance, you need to remember that you walk on the carpet, not the cushion. If you spend less for an inferior carpet, you will probably have a cushion that feels great, but a carpet that does not look as good or wear as well.


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